Wednesday, September 3, 2008

eBooks now available in eJournal Portal

You can now find eBooks in our eJournal Portal managed by Serials Solutions. (For more info on why we use a third-party management service, please read my May post, Big update, with a bit of background.) The biggest plus is that you will now be able to find the eBooks we have access to in the Safari Technical Books collection. Due to the fluidity of this collection, we did not have title-level entries in the eResources Gateway or the online catalog. Now, via the eJournal Portal, you can find out if we have access to books on everything from using Windows to perl scripting.

To search for eBooks, go to our eJournal Portal and select from the drop-down menu to search by "Title contains all words" (unless you know the exact title of the book you're searching for).

For example, if you search for Title contains all words "iphone," you'll find we currently have access to five titles via Safari related to the iPhone (or at least that have iPhone in the title).

One problem with searching by "Title contains all words" though is that the search does not recognize special characters such as +. So, if you try searching for Title contains all worlds "C++," the search will think you're only searching for "C," which is not a word, and return no results. (We do have access to some books on C++ though, so visit the Safari site to find them.)

Two other big eBook collections now available at title-level via our eJournal Portal:

This subscribed collection currently has 38,000+ titles and is constantly growing.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg provides free online access to more than 25,000 books in the public domain.

Coming soon: eBook data should be available in the UHM Electronic Resources Gateway in a few months, to provide one-stop shopping for all electronic resources!